Inspiration from the Pastors

Proving or Inviting

I pray you are all enjoying the abundant life Jesus has given you! I wanted to share something from my heart that came up the other day when I heard a radio commercial for the movie “Case For Christ”. Lee Strobel, the author of the book by same title, has an amazing story of coming TO know Christ while on a journey to disprove Him. However, when I think about proving Jesus is (was) for real, I think of it a bit differently.

Proving or Inviting?
You see, in my opinion, Jesus is not someone (or something) to be scientifically proved, but rather a loving someone who wants a personal and intimate relationship with mankind. So, even though there is a tremendous amount of scientific proof of things written in the Bible and proof that Jesus did, indeed, live here on earth, you will miss the point if you continue to try and “prove” His existence with others. In other words, let’s not try to prove or argue someone into the Kingdom, rather, like Jesus did Himself, INVITE people into a real relationship with Jesus.

Deciding to give my life to Jesus and accept Him as both my Lord and Savior was a HEART decision, not a scientific one. So, when telling others about Jesus, I invite them from their heart, not their head. And lastly, I don’t follow Jesus based on evidence of Him, but rather, from evidence of my heart being touched and transformed. Yes, the scientific proof IS there, but that is just frosting on the cake for me : )

Share your heart!
Today, I encourage you to speak to those around you, those who are hurting and afraid to hope for anything better than what they currently experience. Boldly share your HEART for Jesus and leave the rest up to them. My hope is that everyone I come in contact with will want to know more about this Jesus who I serve and, as a result of my story, give their lives to Him as well.
I love each of you!

Pastor Liz