Inspiration from the Pastors

Good Morning Self

It’s a busy day
My hours to labor
To fulfill my ambitions
Time is short

I see the work of Your hands,
Your beauty in creation
Your order in movement
Your love in design

Have you touched me today?
Yes, I’ve felt it
Have you reign?
Here I sit on the throne

Patiently wooing me
You say, “I’m here.”
An open invitation
Is there One to consider?

I desire delight in you
I long for your rule
I taste your gift of life
Yet my strategies flatter

Who’s call will I answer?
Duty masks your quiet invitation
I chose poorly before,
But begin anew

To marvel in your glory
To bask in your presence
To know that you are mine
and I am yours

I lift my hands in praise,
a voice of thanksgiving
I’m overwhelmed by your mercies
Have your way

You captivate me, Lord
You pursue me into darkness
You long for my attention.
It is yours

Good morning Lord

“…And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 ESV

In the joy of His presence,

Pastor Dean