Inspiration from the Pastors

Only Jesus

For those of you who haven’t heard, my father died this past Wednesday. Since I found out, I have been flooded by memories of my dad. He was a great husband, father, and preacher. I want to share some encouragement I’ve gained myself in thinking about my dad’s life.

Dad was not rich by worldly standards, he had no possessions of monetary worth. What my dad did have was treasures in Heaven, treasures that have been being stored up for him. My dad leaves a rich legacy of Godly discipleship. Nothing meant more to my dad than his relationship with Jesus. His life has always inspired me to live fully for Jesus, to desire nothing (and no one) more than I do Jesus.

So, I encourage you with the same message. Make sure there is nothing and no one you have more passion for than Jesus. You see, anything or anyone we lift higher than God is an idol. We don’t like to hear that but it is the truth. I encourage you to search your heart and see if there is anything you need to lay at the feet of Jesus. When we put Jesus first, ALL else in our lives falls in perfect place.

I love you all and pray God’s blessing over you.

Pastor Liz