Don’t Back Off!

April 1st, 2020

Good Day Everyone @ Zion’s River,

We’ve now been doing church online for the last two weeks. What a learning curve…right?!

I’m sure that all of us are going through all kinds of ups and downs as we all work hard to keep a good attitude, to stay connected to the Lord, and to stay connected to one another.

Don’t give up the daily fight! Fighting for the right mindset takes deliberate effort, and fighting to keep focused on the mission of loving all for the Gospel requires relentless faith.

So, “Thank you!” for remaining the fight with us. It’s obvious to me that our church is thriving despite the social issues and staying strong through the trials of this pandemic. Your testimonies of faith…outreach…engagement online…faithful giving has been a powerful testimony to the power of God in our midst.

No doubt, we are becoming a better version of who God has made us to be! This truly is the year of RESTORATION!  So, please allow me to encourage you: don’t back-off of pressing into the Lord’s presence! And how do we do that? Well…let me suggest a few things:

  1. Make every effort to stay connected to Church. It’s more important now than ever to build up the church that Jesus’ is still building, wherever you attend. You can follow Zion’s River on Facebook, our Website, and especially through our Zion’s River App.
  2. Keep the Word coming into your lives and into your homes. We need Word and outside revelation to give us perspective. We’re not supposed to do life by ourselves. So, keep your nose in the Word and commit yourself to receiving the Word through the Church you attend. Agreement is power!
  3. Raise a sound as we worship together. We may be dispersed, but we’re still ONE CHURCH. Don’t let your praise be silenced. God dwells in the praise of His people! So, join us every Sunday at 10 AM for our broadcast.
  4. Let’s spur one another on to good works and faith. While many in the world are fighting the wrong enemy. Let’s build up one another. Without words of encouragement, our strength and faith dwindle under the weight of false messages and life’s trials.
  5. Pray like you’ve never done before. Prayer is the door to all that God wants to release. Be His conduit.
  6. Get connected to a C-Group. Even though we are in a season of social isolation, don’t be isolated! Most of our C-Groups are having Zoom meetings… find one HERE.

We love you all very much. Keep listening. Stay connected. And let’s come out the other side better than when we came in.

By His Grace,

Jim Sheen
Lead Pastor
Zion’s River