March 6-April 10, 2017
6:30-8:30 p.m.


What if . . . two little words that when applied to the world of sound are earth shaking.

What if resonance and entrainment were responsible for the fall of the walls of Jericho?

What if a song could dry up cancer cells?

What if sounds could open and close spiritual portals?

This six-session DVD teaching by Dan McCollam will explore the dynamic power of sound in God’s universe.
Lesson topics cover:

  • Frequency: Everything Vibrates
  • Resonance: Every Vibration Makes a Sound
  • Entrainment: The Breaker Power of Sound
  • Harmony: The Healing Power of Sound
  • Synesthesia: Music, Memory, and Creativity
  • Resonant Entrainment: The Healing Power of Sound
  • Spiritual Entrainment: Sounds of Heaven and Earth

This teaching helps us grasp the importance of our conversations, our self-talk, our prayers, our declarations, and our praises. Video footage of experiments and illustrations that demonstrate the concepts are included. Paired with the companion study guide, the class launches you into the next step of your quest for understanding and inspiration regarding the power of sound in our lives.

There is no cost for the class but we strongly suggest you purchase the Study Guide. Below is the information needed to order:

  • Title: God Vibrations Study Guide: A Kingdom Perspective on the Power of Sound
  • Author: Dan McCollam