Heaven & Hell: What you are dying to know

Heaven & Hell:  What you are dying to know

This seminar transforms how you see the gospel, gives hope to your future and empowers you to love people at a new level.


HELL – Session 1
Sections 1 – 3:  Seminar Purpose, Why Was Jesus Sent & The Message of Hell within the Mission of Christ
HELL – Session 2
Sections 4-7: Getting the Gospel Right, God’s Goal is the Restoration of All Things, Hell in the OT, & Hell in the NT
HELL – Session 3
Sections 8-9: The Gospel and the Promise of Eternal Life & The Message and Meaning of Hell
HEAVEN – Session 4
Sections 1-4: Hope Changes Everything, Heaven as Paradise Now, Free Will is at the Foundation, & The Meaning of Eternity
HEAVEN – Session 5
Sections 5-7: Heaven as a Place of Inheritance, New Bodies, & New Heavens and New Earth

Download a PDF of the seminar notes HERE