Knowing that the Word of God is intended to reach everyone with the mercy, grace, and love of Christ, we support those who have dedicated their lives to serve the King throughout the earth.  If you would like more information on any of our missionary partners, please contact Pastor Rob Riggan.


Curt & Diana
Florida, USA

After serving as pioneering church planters among Muslims in central Asia for more than 20 years, Curt is now the International Director for Global Teams, an international mission order of more than 700 missionaries form 25 different countries.  Curt leads a multi-national leadership team focused on sending Good News laborers to see the heart of Christ planted among the least reached people groups of the world.



Rick & Mary Daviscourt
Arequipa, Peru

Rick and his wife, Mary, have been missionaries in Peru for 15 years.  The main focus of their ministry is child rescue with a special focus on female children and teens.  They also connect ministries in Peru in order to further the Kingdom of God.  They count it a privilege to be called of God to work out in the field and enjoy helping the broken through the healing of their souls and meeting their physical needs.


Aaron & Frances Hunter
Latin America

Aaron and Frances Hunter are missionaries in Central and South America.  Their previous ministry was a church plant in Iquique, Chile, and they are now teaching, encouraging and supporting pastors and ministries throughout the region.



Donna Kowalsky
Kampala, Uganda

Donna has been a missionary in Uganda for 20 years. The main focus of her ministry is assisting children and widows in their time of need, as well as taking the name of Jesus to all mankind. Her favorite aspects of the ministry are seeing people come to Jesus and setting them free of bondage, helping children and widows live better lives, both physically and spiritually, and providing life saving medical help to those who have no finances.

Heart to Heart—Nation to Nation…God’s Love has No Boundaries



Bruce & Deb
The Caribbean

Bruce and Deb have been missionaries in The Caribbean for 32 years.  They love the people and their ministry is focused on irrigation and drinking water resources, as well as church, community, and school development.  They are relationship oriented and a privilege to work with and get to know.

For security reasons, Bruce & Deb’s last name, photo and specific location are not published.