Parent’s Page


Children visiting SOAKED for the first time should be registered at the welcome area of the Youth Worship Center. Each child then should be checked-in by an authorized adult at the beginning of the service and issued a unique numbered receipt. Following the service, each child must be checked-out before departing by surrendering the matching receipt to the attendant and placing them on the “ball.”

Your child’s safety is of the highest priority, and as such, all of our adult teachers and helper staff have undergone national background checks, training and on-going supervision to ensure our safety policies are upheld.

If you would like a copy of our safety policy or if you have any questions, please contact Pastor Jeff Holt.

If your child just has questions, or would just like to meet with Pastor Jeff, please contact him as noted below to set an appointment. He would love the opportunity to answer their questions, and meet with them/you. E-mail Pastor Jeff Holt. or call the church office at 253.473.1838.


Please remember that these are children’s pages, but we suggest that parents accompany children while on line.

  • Battle Field of the Mind for Kids – by Joyce Meyer – Recommended for children in 4th grade and up. There is also a book for teens. These books challenge the thoughts children have, and give practical ideas on re-directing damaging thoughts to Christ-like thoughts.
  • Heaven for Kids – by Randy Alcorn – Great read for children asking questions about death and heaven (great for adults too!)
  • The New Strong Willed Child – By Dr. James Dobson – great book on raising any child – I highly recommend this book for all parents.
  • Loving on Purpose – For great parenting help
  • Focus On the Family – Family Issues
  • Christian Book Distributors– Books etc. for children – Bibles, devotionals etc.

These links are provided for your enjoyment. They were not created by Zion’s River, but we have attempted to ensure that they work well and are appropriate for use by young children. If you discover anything inappropriate, please contact Pastor Jeff Holt.