Online Sunday Worship

Hey Everyone!

I pray that you’re not getting too stir-crazy out there as you are “sheltering in place.” I know that it’s hard; but I’m certain that our commitment to support our community through social distancing, creatively loving one another, and staying connected virtually will bring greater healing than we realize.

Stay the course and pray, and let’s see this pandemic brought to a halt. God is in this with us! We will come out the other side stronger and something more than we were.

Having said that, I’m also sending this notification to remind you of our online services tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Tune into our Zion’s River Facebook page, our website, or our App, and let’s connect in a brand-new way.

I believe our broadcast will powerfully encourage you during this crisis. You can expect that this worship experience will bring a fresh revelation that will spiritually charge you for the days ahead.

I’m excited for the possibilities of what our virtual experience will bring! As we adjust to the constraints of this worldwide pandemic, I am certain that the Church will rise to a new and fresh level of power and operation.

So…please find a comfortable place with your family, and let’s worship together. I believe the Holy Spirit will move as he always does even though we’re not physically together. Expect it; and it will be so.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind while we gather online:

  1. Because of the recording, you may need to turn up the volume during the worship segments of the broadcast.
  2. Be prepared to take communion together at the end of the service. Before the broadcast, you may want to gather whatever elements you have that you believe will represent the body and blood of Christ.
  3. You will have access to my notes from my message on our Zion’s River App as usual.
  4. After the broadcast, go to (or stay on) our Zion’s River Facebook page. I will be doing a short FB Live interactive prayer session with you all.

With great love for you all! I’ll see you in the morning.

Jim Sheen
Lead Pastor
Zion’s River