Pastors Jim & Lorelei Sheen

Pastors James & Lorelei Sheen

Pastors James & Lorelei

Pastors Jim & Lorelei have served in ministry together since 1993.  They came to Tacoma in 1997 and are honored to lead at Zion’s River.  Their hearts desire is to see everyone released and healed and walking out their divine story.  They have five children, Tyler, his wife Kayleigh, Kyle, Angelika and her husband, Ramses.   They are blessed with three of the cutest grandchildren you will ever meet, Brooklyn, Cohen and Samuel.


Pastor Jeff & Barb Holt

Pastor Jeff & Barb Holt


Pastor Jeff and his wife, Barb, have attended Zion’s River over 20 years.  He is the Pastor of our children’s ministry, Soaked, and considers every one of the kids as his own.  Jeff and Barb are truly best friends and have been married for 34 years, and have one daughter, Jessica.  He loves sharing the freedom that Jesus came to give and pours that truth into the hearts of kids and adults alike.

Pastor Liz Johnson

Pastor Liz Johnson


Pastor Liz has been serving with Pastors Jim & Lorelei since 1997 and is the leader of both the Discipleship and Service ministries at Zion’s River. She enjoys a full life, and is blessed with children and grandchildren.  She is most excited that the Kingdom of God is open to everyone, that it brings life with full advantage and is expanding day by day.  She loves to teach and spread the truth of God’s love as well as offer pastoral counsel to any who ask.

Pastor Rob & Christine Riggan

Pastor Rob & Christine Riggan


Pastor Rob and Christine Riggan have served at Zion’s River since 1999.   Pastor Rob leads our C-Group ministry, and our missions program.  They have been married for 23 years and have two children, Brenden and Kaitlin.  They love to see people become a part of the Kingdom of God, and then turn around and bring everyone they know in to the Kingdom with them.  He is passionate for his wife, his kids, and a nice medium-rare rib-eye steak!

Pastors Dean & Bonnie Simmons

Pastors Dean & Bonnie Simmons


Pastors Dean & Bonnie co-pastor the Worship Team at Zion’s River and Pastor Bonnie leads the Zoe Ministry Team.  They have been married for 19 years and have three amazing kids, Austin, Zoe, and Autumn.  They are excited to see people realize true abundant life in Christ, set free from the shackles of religion, and walking in their true creative design.  They love to worship, hang out with their kids, camp and be with each other.  Pastor Dean is a silent Cougar fan, and he thinks the staff has forgiven him for that.  But we haven’t.  Go Dawgs!

Chris & Adrina Bacon, Elders

Chris & Adrina Bacon, Elders

Chris and Adrina Bacon are elders at Zion’s River.  Chris is an Occupational Therapist and Adrina teaches at the elementary school level.  They were married in 1993 and have three children, Gloria, Charissa, and Isaac.  They are excited to help others  walk out their faith in freedom,  serving a God who pours out His blessings and favor on those who accept the promises of His Kingdom.  They love family camping and road bicycling.

Skip & Mary Dempsey, Elders

Skip & Mary Dempsey, Elders


Skip & Mary Dempsey started attending Zion’s River in December of 2001.  They have been married 38 years, and have three children and four grandchildren.  They are excited about understanding the truth about who God is and that we can be free because of His mercy, grace and love with no conditions or attachments.   Their passion is for their children, grandchildren and anyone who God places in their lives to truly know Him.  They enjoy being in the woods, spending time with their kids and grandkids (preferably in the woods), reading a book and cooking over a campfire (in the woods), taking pictures (in and of the woods), camping hiking & backpacking (in the woods).  Are you sensing a theme?


Gabe & Suzanne Harkness, Elders

Gabe & Suzanne Harkness, Elder

Gabe and Suzanne are faithful elders at ZIon’s River.  They have been married for 20 years and have three children: Cabryna, Olivia, and Coda.  Their passion is to be a part of seeing others have moments of realization that they are loved by Jesus, and more so when those moments become eternal reality.  Their great joy is to have all of their kids huddled together, laughing at stupid stuff!

Frank & Rossana Zemek, Elders

Frank & Rossana Zemek, Elder


Frank & Rossana Zemek have worshiped at Zion’s River since 2002 and are faithfully serving as Elders and C-Group leaders.  Their children are Kathryn & her husband Derek, Joseph, who finished his race, and Anthonee.  They are passionate about spreading the great love of Jesus, and wanting others to experience His deep and abiding love in a very real way.  They love motorcycles, bicycles, shooting, archery and kayaking.

Melissa Lee, Intern

Melissa Lee, Intern


Melissa Lee has attended Zion’s River since 2005, and is now a Ministry Intern.  She is excited to partner with the leadership and the body to see that the pure gospel of Jesus is released in Tacoma, the US and the nations, in order that the Body rise up as one.   She is passionate about exalting Him and lifting him up in EVERY place in order that others would be drawn to Him.  And bacon.  She’s passionate about bacon.